• What is Accelerated Reader?


      Accelerated Reader is a program that helps teachers motivate, monitor and manage student reading practice.
      It is currently being used by more than 50,000 schools to enhance the reading comprehension skills for students across the country.

      How does it work?

        Students choose their interested books and read at their own pace .
        Afterward they take a computerized quiz that quickly assesses their comprehension of the book's key characters, events and information.
        The short multiple choice quizzes are 5, 10, or 20 questions long depending on the reading level.
        After a student takes a quiz, they receive points based on the book's point value and how well they did on the quiz. Most quizzes require 60% to pass and earn points.
        The students see their points as a measurement of their reading practice.


    Last Modified on September 20, 2016