The English Department

  • The English and Language Arts curriculum at Brandywine is designed to connect the best of two worlds. We prepare students for success in the 21st century.   We apply reading, writing, speaking and thinking to topics and disciplines relevant today. 

    We also value classic literature, drama and poetry. Teachers use history, current news, student interests and internet literacy to encourage kids to discover things about themselves.  We ask them to make connections between literary topics and life in the world today.

    One credit of English/Language Arts (ELA) is required in each of a student's four years at Brandywine High School. Four earned credits in ELA are required for graduation.

    At least two course levels are offered each year. Elective courses are available in addition to the required ones. ELA courses expose each student to various styles of excellent writing.  They urge students to develop personal ideas through reflection upon the ideas of others.