• Third Grade Links




    -          Maple Lane students can work on Language Arts and Math activities geared to their specific needs.



    Circle Fractions

    -          Identify the fractions shown in these circles.


    Circle Fractions with Whole/Mixed Numbers

    -          Identify the mixed fractions shown in these circles.


    Data Picking

    - Gather and analyze data using this activity from the BBC.


    - Look at different graphs and answer questions.


    Graphing 2

    - Look at MORE graphs and answer questions.


    Graphing 3

    - Even MORE graphs!


    Handling Data

    - Gather, analyze and graph data using this fun website.

    -      Interpret data using line plots.



    -          Play a variety of multiplication games.


    Pizza Party

    -          How much pizza is left?  Figure out the fraction.


    Shape Explorer

    -          Find the area and perimeter of different shapes.


    Shape Surveyor

    -          More practice finding area and perimeter.
    -   Practice your skills with single AND multi-step word problems. 
    -   Practice your addition skills using bar models.  Want to make it harder?? Click on multiplication!





    Comprehension - Cloze

    -          Improve your comprehension skills with these fill-in-the-blank activities.


    Comprehension Corner

    -          Read passages from a variety of topics and test your comprehension skills.

    Read through the passages and make your own predictions.

    Proofreading Makes Perfect

    - Practice your proofreading skills.  Check sentences for mistakes in capitalization, punctuation, spelling and proper use of words.





    Human Body

    - Look at this online book about the human body - created by an elementary school class.


    Mr. Bones

    -          ¯The thigh bone’s connected to the . . . hip bone.  ¯

    -          Can you put Mr. Bones back together?


    Rock Hound

    - Discover how rocks are formed.


    This Planet Really Rocks!

           -  Learn all about rocks and minerals





    Power Typing

    -          Practice your keyboarding skills

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