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Fifth Grade Links





Decimal/Fraction Match Game

 -  Match decimal numbers to the equivalent fraction


Decimal Switch

-          Switch decimal numbers around until they are in ascending (lowest to highest) order


FunBrain Power Football

-          Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimal numbers


Invading Fractions (or Death to Decimals)

-          Space Invader-type game where you have to match fractions and decimals


Jeopardy – Whole Numbers and Decimals

-          Review place value and comparing and rounding numbers

-          Help the monkey find bananas by estimating the size of angles.

Math Frog – Order of Operation

-          Brush up on your ORDER OF OPERATION


Place Value Practice – Whole Numbers

-          Practice place values to 1 million


Place Value Practice – Decimals

-          Practice place values to the ten thousandths place
-   Practice your skills with single AND multi-step word problems. 
-   Get some MORE practice on multi-step word problems.   NOTE:  This is a subscription-based website.  You are limited to 20 "free" questions a day.


-          Improve your comprehension skills with these fill-in-the-blank activities.

Comprehension Corner

-          Read passages from a variety of topics and test your comprehension skills.

Power Proofreading


Proofreading Makes Perfect


-          See how speed, mass and friction effect a virtual rollercoaster.




-   Short biographies on many of the key people involved in the Civil War.
-    Information on some of the Civil War's most influential leaders.  
-    Timeline of all the important event of the Civil War     
-          Explore all the key sites of our nation's capitol on this interactive map.
-          Check out the timeline of events that have affected our nation's capitol.
-     Learn about Washington's many museums.
-         -    See some of Washington's most famous memorials.


-          Practice your keyboarding skills

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