• MPE and the BSD Inclusion Model
    Mount Pleasant Elementary utilizes the Brandywine School District Inclusion Model to meet the needs of each special education student.  The model involves:
    • Special education students have access to the general curriculum.
    • The needs of the students are identified, as well as how much support each student needs.
    • A schedule is built to meet the needs of the students.
    • Inclusion is a continuum of services, not just co-teaching.
    • Staff are trained on differentiated instruction.
    • Co-teaching = approximately 1/3 of students with IEP's in a regular class.
    • Support professionals (paraprofessionals or teachers) service approximately 15% of the students.
    • Collaboration time is developed for co-teaching and support facilitation.
    Priority Expecations:
    • Principals have high expectations for teachers to have high expectations for students.
    • Principals have a working understanding of step-by-step process and schedule students based on needs.
    • Principals schedule common planning time for co-teachers.
    • Teachers/Specialists plan with other teachers.
    • Teachers/Specialists use student data to plan instruction and use differentiated instruction.
    • Teachers/Specialists have high expectations for students.