Each month, on the day PTA meetings are scheduled, students are permitted to wear their MPE spirit shirts. MPE shirts may be purchased at certain times throughout the school year.  Contact your child's teacher or the PTA to find out dates.
    All other days of the month, students are expected to comply with our Uniform Dress Code. Students are expected to be in uniform every day and failure to comply with our school’s Uniform Code of Dress is a BSD Code of Conduct violation and subject to the consequences listed in the code. All students have received a Code of Conduct in September. We give each student one verbal warning and after that we apply the consequences for subsequent violations. Teachers are responsible for sending students not in uniform to the office for a change of clothes.

    The school keeps a clothing closet supplied with dress code clothing.  If students are out of dress code, they will be expected to wear clothing from the clothing closet if families fail to bring in the appropriate clothing.