Health & Fitness Education

  • Health Education

     At BHS, Health Education is an important class for our students to take.  It teaches important life skills.  This course empowers students to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We address the six risky teen health behaviors recognized as CDC priority areas like addiction and mental health.  Lessons are presented in a safe environment where kids are centerstage. Our mantra is “Health is personal power!”

    Fitness Education

    Fitness Education builds a great attitude towards lifelong activity and wellness. At BHS, we feel that it is important not only to develop healthy minds, but healthy bodies as well. Having a healthy body helps kids relax and use their minds in the classroom. Being an active participant and following the rules are crucial to having a successful experience during this course.

    Course Goals and Objectives

    1) To create an environment in which students feel comfortable attempting each and every activity without fear of failure.

    2) To explore and gain an understanding of various team/individual and lifetime sports commonly played throughout the world.

    3) To have students learn the importance of working together as a group in order to accomplish a common goal through cooperative activities. 

    4) To increase cardiovascular and muscular strength/endurance throughout the year.

    5) To provide the basis upon which to build a path towards life-long fitness and activity.