• Brandywine 101 

    To learn more about BSD, download our informational brochure (formatted for web viewing) or our 2016-2017 Fact Sheet.  If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please call District Office at 302-793-5000.  

    Enrollment/Feeder Patterns: 

    Enrollment must be done in person by a parent or legal guardian at the child’s feeder school.  To determine your feeder school, click here or call 793-5000.  Kindergarten students must be 5 years old on or before August 31 of the school year in order to start school in the fall by Delaware State Law.  It is Brandywine School District Policy that there is no early testing/admittance. For more information on what’s needed to register a student for kindergarten, click here or call 793-5000. 


    Grading is determined by classroom teachers, but there is a District-wide grading policy.  Visit the District policy section for grading information. If you have questions about a grade, please contact your child’s teacher.  If you aren’t satisfied with the response, you can then contact your child’s principal.


    There are two kinds of testing in Brandywine: teacher-made tests in the classroom to monitor daily and weekly progress of students, and state tests to monitor school-wide performance.  State tests do not count against a student’s classroom grade; however, we strongly encourage all students to try their best on these tests, as the scores impact our individual school ratings under the law and do provide an individual measurement of student progress against standards.

    School building policies:

    We have District-wide policies, as well as individual school practices (such as dress codes.)  Please visit the policy section of our website, or contact your school for policy information

    Who to contact/Chain of command: 

    If you have questions/concerns about something happening in your child’s classroom, we ask that you begin by talking to your child’s teacher.  If you don’t get resolution, then contact your child’s principal.  You may also want to contact your child’s guidance counselor.  If you still haven’t gotten adequate resolution, you may contact the superintendent.

    How to get involved: 

    Parent involvement is critical to every student’s success. Contact your child’s teacher and principal to ask about volunteer opportunities in each school.  If you wish to receive Brandywine Briefings, the District's monthly electronic newsletter, send an emailThe District website is updated regularly – so check back for information.  Parents can also get involved with any number of volunteer committees listed on this website, and can attend school board meetings.


    The State of Delaware allows parents to ‘choice’ their children into any public school in the state. Transportation is not provided for Choice, however. In the Brandywine School District, Choice applications are taken each fall, beginning November 1, for enrollment in the following school year.  Click here  for more information.



    Transportation to and from school is provided for secondary students living more than two miles from their feeder school, and for elementary students living more than a mile and a half from their feeder school.  Transportation is also provided for students living closer than these limits if the route is unsafe for walking.  Parents will receive transportation information (bus numbers, times, stops, etc.) via mail prior to the start of each school year.  If you have any questions about transportation, click here or please contact our Transportation Office at 762-7181.


    School Nutrition:  

    Each school offers a hot, nutritious breakfast and lunch that follows state nutrition guidelines. In fact, Brandywine has been recognized as a state leader for offering low-fat, healthy choices. Menus are posted online monthly and sent home with elementary students. Click here for more information or call 529-3110.