• Positive Behavior Support Program (PBS)
              Most professionals in middle level education agree that individual student confidence and self esteem are increased when a student takes pride in his or her accomplishments. Accordingly, the ideas in this program are designed to foster the feeling of pride. The entire school staff works cooperatively to motivate students on a daily basis to create a school environment built on positive student and staff relations. Our students represent a diverse collection of talents, personalities, aspirations and skills. In a success oriented school, every student should have the opportunity to receive the deserved praise and recognition. Teachers should consider daily motivation as a daily task. Praise and encouragement are keys to student success.
              Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a systems approach designed to enhance the capability of P.S. duPont Middle School to:
                  1.  Educate all students (especially students with challenging behaviors)
                  2.  Adopt and sustain the use of best practices for teaching academics and social behavior
              Our PBS program at P.S. is a school wide program to help motivate change in student behavior and improve the school climate by utilizing a reinforcement plan based on characteristic traits that were developed by our staff for our middle school population. Our Panther PRIDE behaviors depict behavioral characteristic traits that are desired and expected in our school. These behaviors are taught throughout the year to all students. 
    School-wide Expectations (PANTHER PRIDE):
    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible
     Be Engaged
              The reward for displaying these types of behaviors throughout our school is a blue PRIDE ticket. Students can then save these and cash them in at “The Den” every Friday in the cafeteria. Replenishing school supplies, after school activities, special events during the school day and some food items are some of the items that can be purchased with the PRIDE cards at varying “prices”.
              The goal of PBS is to create a positive school climate for everyone where academic and social learning can occur. Effectiveness of the program can also be displayed by a decrease in behavior referrals, suspensions and expulsions. PBS can also be the driving force to determine students that are in need of extra emotional support and help develop a more individualized plan with more intensified needs.
              Our PBS team consists of teachers, administrative staff, parents and students. P.S.’s PBS team meets monthly to discuss previous months data and the need for new interventions or a modification of existing ones to better assist the students. Planning for upcoming activities is discussed as well as a discussion of the overall program implementation.
              The PBS team is always looking for interested parents and students to become a part of our team.  If you are interested, please contact our PBS team facilitator, Stacey Falls, Psychologist, at 762-7146.