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    Deter The Spread of Viruses 
    Deter The Spread of Viruses  


    ·         The Nurse’s Office generally opens at 7 AM and closes around 3 PM, (sometimes later). Please keep me informed of any medical changes with your child, whether short term or chronic in nature.


    ·         I keep all the emergency cards with both the medical and non-medical information in my office. When signed by a parent or guardian, permission can be granted for Tylenol or Ibuprofen and to send your child to an emergency room if needed. I also have emergency contact numbers if parent cannot be reached. It is very important that the information listed on this card is kept current. If there is any address, phone number or medical changes with your child, please contact my office to update.


    o       The importance of contact persons listed on these emergency cards cannot be over stated. Those individuals listed should be available during the day in the event of a medical emergency or community emergency, (if parent/guardian cannot be reached), to pick up your child.  Your child is only permitted to leave school with the individuals listed on this emergency card. If new individuals need to be added, please send a note in with your child. At any time your child is to leave school early with someone other than a person listed on this form, written permission from the parent/guardian is needed.


    ·         School is a place for your child to grow academically, emotionally and socially. If medications are taken to assist him/her in any of these areas, it is important that they are taken as prescribed. If your child takes medications daily at home in the morning, and sometimes he/she forget to take them, please send in some of that medication (a few doses is all that would be needed) along with permission for me to administer. The medications must be in a recent pharmacy labeled bottle or original box for those non-prescription medications and must be accompanied by parental permission for the Nurse to administer. I will ALWAYS call a parent prior to administering, as I cannot take the students word that they “forgot” to take their medication at home. We all desire for your child to be as successful as they can, and the medications taken regularly without missing doses, will help.


    ·         We have many after school sporting programs at PS. They include:


    o       Fall: girls field hockey, co-ed soccer, girls volleyball, volleyball intramurals, cross country
    o       Winter: wrestling, cheerleading, boys and girls basketball, basketball intramurals

    o       Spring: Baseball, softball, track, tennis, girls soccer, golf, bowling


    All of these extracurricular sports( except bowling) require our students to have a yearly physical exam. This exam needs to be completed anytime after April 1 of the current calendar year or more recent and needs to be documented on the DIAA sports physical form. The link to the form is provided on this website for your convenience. One completed sports physical is good for all after school sports for the entire school year. Please try to have the physical exams completed early in the school year so that your child does not miss the opportunity of participating in sports activities that may occur later in the year.


    ·         No medication is allowed to be carried by your child during the school day, except inhalers and EpiPens, with prior approval from the Nurse.


    ·         Hearing and Vision screenings will be conducted on all 7th grade students in the Fall. I will alert the students of the date. Parents will be informed of any concerns that I may have after these screenings are completed. Other students will be screened as requested by student, teacher or family.


    ·         Middle school aged students are growing in height. Back screenings are conducted to assess for any curvature of their spine during this time of rapid growth. These screenings are conducted by me in gym classes in the beginning of the 1st and 3rd marking periods. I will alert the students to the dates. Concerns about spinal growth will be brought to the attention of a physical therapist from A.I. DuPont Hospital as they visit all the schools in the Spring to perform a more in depth evaluation. All findings from this secondary screening (Phase 2) will be communicated with the parent/guardian and the student.


    ·         Students need to report to the Nurse's office if they are ill and I will call you if needed. Students are not allowed to call you if they are ill. Please support me in this endeavor.


    ·         Please do not hesitate to come in to see me or call me if you have questions or concerns. My direct line is 762-7147