• Welcome to the Family Liaison Page,

    As the Family Liaison at P.S. duPont Middle School it is my goal to provide support to the students, their guardians, and their teachers. I provide resources and support to parents and caregivers as they work in partnership with P.S. to meet their child’s learning needs. Our goal is to help families understand the important role they play as part of the educational team. Studies have shown that children benefit academically when parents and educators work together. For this reason, parents’ involvement in their children’s education is a priority.

    P.S. duPont also has a Family Engagement Team that includes teachers, guardians, community members and administrative staff. The Family Engagement Team is charged with creating a partnership environment.  A partnership school is when all families and communities have something great to offer. The school, the families and the community will do whatever it takes to work closely together to make sure every single student succeeds.

    I look forward to working with every student’s parent and caregiver this school year. For more information on the programs that we offer, the resources that we provide, and if you would like to join the Family Engagement Team, please contact Adrienne Stansbury at 302.762.7146 or by email at Adrienne.Stansbury@bsd.k12.de.us.

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