• Honor Societies Induction Instructions + Logistics


    Please read this document carefully if you missed the practice on Wednesday, or were confused at the practice on Wednesday!


    DATE: Friday, May 21. Ceremony begins at 6pm


    STUDENT REPORT TIME: 5:30pm. *If you participating in the track meet in Dover that afternoon, we know who you are and understand you might be 10-15 minutes late.


    DRESS CODE: Business casual, school appropriate. Avoid items like jeans, shorts, t-shirts. Wear flat shoes or wedges (no heels) because you will be on the field.



    OVERALL, listen for your name and instructions of when to walk, stand, and sit! If you listen, you will be okay and will not awkwardly do the wrong thing!


    • Upon arrival to the stadium at 5:30pm, students will report to the away bleachers. (Guests will sit in the home bleachers, and will be able grab a to-go food box as they enter to sit down.)
    • Students must check in with an advisor when they arrive to the away bleachers. When you check in, you will see, in print, the group/line you will process in.
    • Before you line up, we will practice when to stand/sit one last time. It will be quick!
    • You will begin lining up around 5:55pm.
    • Advisors and administrators will process in first and stand as you process in.
    • You will walk down the main runner on the 50 yard line in your pre-determined, alphabetized groups of 8. Remember, you will be in alphabetical order by last name so that when you leave your row, the first person in the alphabet walks first (so the first person in the alphabet in your row will sit closest to the aisle runner).
    • You will remain standing as other students process in.
    • You will remain standing as Mr. Rolph introduces the event and the National Anthem. Students singing will come to the podium where the microphone is, sing, and return to your seats (still standing).
    • You will sit as soon as Ms. Herkimer says “Good evening…”
    • Herkimer will give a brief welcome and will then introduce Mrs. Rossi to begin the honor society inductions.


    Each honor society will have BRIEF speech from the advisor. The advisor will then call the 2020 inductees, followed by 2021 inductees. When your name is called, you will stand briefly to be recognized, then sit again before the next name is called. After all inductees names are called, each advisor will say something like “Please join me congratulating the new inductees of _____” and when they say that, all inductees of that particular honor society will stand for applause. Some honor societies have pledges you will stand for, so listen!


    • National Honor Society is the last honor society to go. When NHS is finished, Mrs. Winters will introduce Mr. O’Hanlon, who will read all names of all inductees of all 12 honor societies in alphabetical order. THIS IS WHEN YOU LEAVE!
    • Advisors from all honor societies will come to the front so you can receive your certificates, pins, etc. (Technology--Mrs. Zellis will give you your items at another time, since she cannot be there on Friday)
    • To recess out, the first row on your RIGHT will leave first. Rows will then alternate from right side, left side, etc. Remember to give the person before you a little bit of space AND to move your row to the aisle runner when the row before you is done to avoid large gaps. Your row will stand when the last person from the previous row is next in line to walk across the front.
    • AS YOU WALK ACROSS (remember, you’re going to your left, in front of the advisors, towards the podium), stop at each advisor of each honor society you were inducted into. You will likely need to repeat your name to that advisor so they know which certificate to give you!
    • Once you have walked across the runner and picked up all certificates, you will go directly to the food tents on the far side of the field to pick up your to-go goodie box (thanks to Mrs. Zellis and Mr. Bach)
    • Once all students have recessed out, you are free to go see your guests and take photos by any of the photo backdrops our NHS induction committee will set up for you!


    QUESTIONS? Let us know ASAP through Schoology message or email: