• Student Success Plan (SSP)

    As students begin to look at their choices for high school, and ultimately college-readiness and/or career paths, the question of "what do you want to do when you grow-up" quickly comes to the forefront. And this is not necessarily an easy question for any of us.

    Starting as early as the 8th grade, our students are introduced to a helpful planning tool, from Career Cruising, that guides students and their families to individually consider the options ahead of them and begin to look at ways of answer the question above.  The outcomes of this planning tool are referred to as your child's Student Success Plan (SSP).

    This online planning tool is a career guidance system that helps students to explore career options and interests.  Then, in turn, with the help of their parents, teachers & guidance counselor teams, a student is able to plan their course schedules and personal academic goals based on these identified interests from the planning tool.

    Since the system is internet-based, families can have access to the system as well and can continue to be an important mentor and adult advisor in their student's life.  Even as your child becomes more and more independant, this tool is a great way for families to work together during the high school years to work towards success beyond graduation.
    Attached is a helpful "Guided Tour for Parents" to help explain a Student Success Plan (SSP) and the software in greater detail.  After you've read the brochure, talk to your high school student and/or make an appointment with your student's school for more information on its uses.