• Brandywine School District
    uccess Plan 2015-2020


    Our nation's most successful schools and businesses take time every few years to sit down, critically analyze services, gather information from customers and stakeholders and develop plans to meet current and future consumer demands for product satisfaction coupled with fiscal responsibility.  Where do they want to go? What is their vision? How do they plan to get there? They answer those questions in the form of a strategic plan, a critical map that charts a course to an organization's future.  

    The last time BSD developed a strategic plan was 2007.  That plan was intended to be a five-year plan; however, in 2010 the State of Delaware won the first round of funding through Race to the Top.  Rather than eliminate our District's Plan, BSD elected to combine our strategic plan with our Race to the Top plan (as outlined in our District's application) and create a District Success Plan.  That four year plan was expected to end in 2014, but with Delaware's RttT Plan extending an additional year to five years, the District Success Plan was also extended an additional year to coincide with the formal end of RttT.


    Brandywine didn't wait until the end RttT expired in 2015 to begin working on a successor plan.  Late in the 2014 school year, the District's Strategic Planning Steering Committee, comprised of staff and community members, assisted by 2Revolutions, sought critical feedback, ideas and suggestions from over 250 students, staff, parents and community members from ten different focus groups.  Information gathered during this "Listening Tours" formed the basis for the goals, strategies, activities and deliverables contained in Brandywine's 2015 - 2020 District Success Plan.  

    Please note that 2015-2020 Success Plan is web-based and allows the reader to drill down on embedded links for more information regarding program specifics.  Progress monitoring status icons are provided for each deliverable listed in each goal area and will be updated on a quarterly basis.