• Today is 1/17/2019
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    Mr. Michael Williams
    Science, 8th Grade

     Phone/Voicemail: 762-7146  x341
     Room: 341-342

    8th Grade Science covers four units to study and learn.  The Units are Transformation of Energy, Weather Systems, Planetary Systems and Ecosystems. Each Unit consists of Lab Investigations that involve a hands-on, visual and reading approach to learning the material covered in 61 separate lessons. This year we focus on the Units and making connections with what is learned in class, the lab and to the outside world.  All that we cover has a real life application that concentrates on natural or human events and phenomena. This will be done through the lessons and Apply What You Have Learned question at the end of each Lab Investigation.   


    About Me

    My Education: Undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware.  Master of Education degree from Wilmington University
    My Experience: 20 years experience teaching science at the 6-8 grade level
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    Personal Interests: Being a dad to my three sons, Coaching basketball and Fishing