• "Who to Contact" Directory

    The Special Education Department is comprised of numerous work teams and groups that leverage the experience and expertise across the members of the Department.  The dropdown list below is not intended to be all inclusive and lists a single member of the work group as the point of contact.  If you are in need of information on a topic that is not listed below, please call 302.793.5042 for assistance.
    • All
    • 504 Accommodations
    • Assistive Technology
    • Audiologist
    • Autism Program
    • Bush Early Learning Center / ECAP
    • Crisis Counseling
    • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
    • Director of Special Education
    • Educational Diagnosticians
    • Emotional Support Program
    • Homebound Instruction
    • OT/PT Services
    • Psychologists
    • SITE Program
    • Speech and Language
    For school specific information regarding Special Education services and programming, please contact the Educational Diagnostician below.
    • All
    • Brandywine High School
    • Bush Early Education Center
    • Carrcroft Elementary
    • Claymont Elementary
    • Concord High School
    • Forwood Elementary
    • Hanby Elementary
    • Harlan Elementary
    • Lancashire Elementary
    • Lombardy Elementary
    • Maple Lane Elementary
    • Mount Pleasant Elementary
    • Mount Pleasant High School
    • Mt. Pleasant High SITE Program
    • P.S. duPont ECAP
    • P.S. duPont Middle School
    • Springer Middle School
    • Talley Middle School
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