• Parent Account for Schoology

     Click here for more detailed instructions. 

    Parent Login Website for Schoology



    Parents must create a Schoology account before they can login.  
    Please read the information below to create your Parent Account for Schoology.


    Create a Parent Account for Schoology


    To Create a Parent Account on Schoology, you  will need to do 2 things:

    1. Get your Parent Access Code provided by the district*.
    2. Create your own account on Schoology (www.schoology.com) using your own email address.
    * The district will send you a letter with your student's access code with instructions on how to use it.  Please call the District Office at (302) 793-5000 if you do not receive a letter. 
    Create a New Parent Account 
    If you don't already have a Schoology account, go to https://app.schoology.com/register.php or go towww.schoology.com and click on the Sign Up button in the upper-right corner of the page.
    1. Select Parent

    2. Enter your Access Code and press the Continue button. 
      This code is given to you above and looks similar to this: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

    3. Fill out the form with your information.
      Provide your nameemail address and 
      password that you want to use to login to Schoology

    4. Click Register to complete. 



    • When you use a Parent Access Code to create an account, you will be automatically associated to that student on Schoology.

    • You only need 1 Parent Access Code for each student.  This code will give you access to all of your student’s classes on Schoology.   

    • The Schoology login websites are different for students and parents.

      STUDENT Schoology Login website is http://brandywine.schoology.com 

      PARENT Schoology Login website is http://www.schoology.com 

    • While many Talley teachers are beginning to use Schoology, some teachers are not.


    • To associate additional students in the Brandywine School District to your account, click on the Add Child button in your Schoology account.