• Records Requests


    Type of Record:


    Transcript – OFFICIAL (Will be sent in a gold envelope, containing a sealed white envelope. Most universities/colleges/employers will only accept an official copy, which can be mailed directly from the Brandywine School District. Should you choose to have an official copy mailed to your home: Please DO NOT open the sealed envelope. The sealed, white envelope should be opened ONLY by a prospective college/university/employer, etc.).




    Transcript – UNOFFICIAL (Will be sent in an unsealed envelope and will be marked as “Unofficial.” This type is generally for an individual’s records only).



    Test Scores


    Health Records / Immunization Records


    Special Education Records


    Psychological Evaluations



    If you are 18 or older you must request the information yourself.  Please allow up to three weeks to process.  The process time depends on the location of the records (Delaware Public Archives, Brandywine School District, or High School).

    If you graduated AFTER 1992, please submit a Records Request Form and all Processing Fees to your graduating high school listed below:



    Brandywine High School

    Attn: Janice Steffin

    1400 Foulk Road

    Wilmington, DE 19803


    For information/questions regarding transcript requests from Brandywine High School, please call (302) 479-1609, or e-mail: Janice.Steffin@bsd.k12.de.us



    Concord High School

    Attn: Carol Guarni

    2501 Ebright Road

    Wilmington, DE 19810


    For information/questions regarding transcript requests from Concord High School, please call (302) 475-3950 or e-mail: Carol.Guarni@bsd.k12.de.us.



    Mt. Pleasant High School

    Attn: Melanie Koli

    5201 Washington Street Ext.

    Wilmington, DE 19809


    For information/questions regarding transcript requests from Mt. Pleasant High School, please call (302) 762-7138, or e-mail: Melanie.Koli@bsd.k12.de.us




    NOTE: In lieu of submitting a Records Request Form, you may send a letter to the school you graduated from. The letter MUST include the following information:


    1)       Your current name

    2)       Your name as it appeared on your records (your maiden name/name while you attended high school)

    3)       Your date of birth

    4)       Stipulate if you Graduated or if you Withdrew

    5)       Include the year you Graduated or Withdrew (if you withdrew from the Brandywine School District, and began the enrollment process in another school, you must contact the last school that you attended)

    6)       State the name of the last school that you attended

    7)       A daytime phone number (in the event we need more information)

    8)       Your signature

    9)       The date the request was sent

    10)    $4.00 Processing Fee (Check or money order made payable to “State Treasurer”)

    11)    An address, fax, or e-mail for where the records are to be sent

    (If you are requesting an OFFICIAL record to be sent to your home address, please do not open it; as an employer or university/college may not accept the records if the envelope is opened and the seal has been broken)



    Education Verifications



    If you are a verification company, please submit your signed release form to:

    Attn: Kate Shinn

    (302) 765-1995


    **NOTE: An educational verification letter only provides the graduation year, name of student at time of attendance and graduation date/diploma number (if available).  This type of request is usually requested in reference to a job interview and employment purposes. Most Colleges, Universities and Schools will not accept an education verification in lieu of a transcript. 


    Inter-Departmental Government/State Requests

    SSA (other government departments) - Can submit requests through the online ERE system.  All requests received this way will not be subject to charge.  If submitted and requested by mail the $0.50/page applies.

    James Groves, JobCorp, Other State Agency - Can submit requests through interoffice email or by fax but must be able to receive back electronically via secure e-mail.  All requests received this way will not be subject to charge.  If submitted and requested by mail or via fax the $0.50/page applies. 


    Please fax the signed consent form to (302) 765-1995.





    The Archive and Records Department is a part of the Superintendent’s Office.  The Records Department works closely with each of our schools and the Delaware Department of Public Archives.  Many of the older records in archives have been converted to microfilm for preservation and convenience of retrieval.  There are currently over 800 microfilm roles kept in our Archives Department ranging from the early 1900's through 1989.  From 1990 to present all files are kept in an environmentally controlled storage facility at Delaware Public Archives in paper format. 


    The mission of the Brandywine School District Records Department is in line with that of the Delaware Department of Public Archives (DPA):

    1. to identify, collect, and preserve public records of enduring historical and evidential value; as deemed necessary by DPA;
    2. to ensure access to public records for present and former students (student may request only their own records) and,
    3. to advise and educate our schools and offices in the creation, management, use and preservation of Brandywine School District records.


Last Modified on November 14, 2016