Who Can Register a Child for School in BSD?

  • Only a parent, legal guardian, relative caregiver, or Division of Family Services employee can register a child for school.  Relative caregivers and/or foster parents must provide documentation.  (A foster parent must provide a letter on DFS letterhead stating that the foster parent is permitted to register and be the school contact for the student.)

    * The child must reside with the parent, guardian, or caregiver and be legally under their care.
    * Custody documents may be necessary to establish the legal guardianship and determine residential custody.
    * If parents are granted shared custody, the child may be considered a resident of either parent's district.  The child cannot be enrolled in two different schools and/or districts.
    * If both parents are granted custody, the child will be considered a resident of the district in which the primary parent resides.
    * If one parent is awarded sole custody, the child will be considered a resident of that parent's legal address.
    * Power of Attorney is not acceptable documentation, except in the case of a U.S. servicemember in deployment.
    * A Family Court petition is not acceptable documentation.
    * Court documents must be dated and signed by a Commissioner or Judge.