• School Transportation Services

    Contacting BSD Transportation

    For general questions about bus routes and transportation issues, please call or contact the Transportation Department at the following phone number: 

    Brandywine School District Transportation Department
    1409 Eastlawn Avenue
    Wilmington, DE  19802

    Voice 1-302-762-7181
    Fax 1-302-762-7044
    Brandywine Transportation Management Software
    trapeze logoTrapeze is a recognized leader in the design, development and implementation of people transportation software. 
    Their technology has helped our transportation organization streamline their operations and provide quality and cost effective services.
    Student transportation planning operations can now benefit from our years of industry experience.  They are pleased to offer MapNet, the most extensive education transportation software available.
    MapNet provides an integrated solution to planning education transportation and redistricting needs.  Imagine easily and efficiently managing individual rider needs, scheduling, routing, mapping, and district policies - just by the click of a mouse.