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School Dress Code

The goal at Brandywine School District is to create a positive learning environment in which all students are afforded the opportunity to learn in a distraction and disruption-free setting. To assist in promoting such a learning environment, the following conditions are in effect in all schools across the District. Please note that items of clothing not specifically covered in the list below can be prohibited at the discretion of the building and/or district administration. 



  1. All shirts must cover shoulders, chest, and midriff.
  2. Pants and shorts are to be worn at the waist. (Pajamas are prohibited)
  3. The length of skirts, skorts, shorts, and dresses must be at least mid-thigh in length.
  4. Heavy, bulky jackets or overcoats should be placed in lockers.
  5. Footwear must be worn at all times. (Flip flops and slides are not permitted.  Rubber-soled shoes are required for Physical Education class.)
  6. Clothing with inappropriate, suggestive, or derogatory pictures or phrases may not be worn.
  7. Clothing designed to be worn as undergarments may not be visible.
  8. No headwear is to be worn in the building during the school day. This includes, but is not limited to hats, bandanas, scarves, earmuffs, sunglasses, or any other head covering, including hoods.*
  9. Clothing with frayed edges or visible holes is not permitted unless there is a layer of clothing under the frayed item.
  10. Students wearing jewelry or accessories that may be considered unsafe or inappropriate to the learning environment may be subject to review by the administration.
  11. Any other garments or accessories that would be a distraction to the orderly educational process are