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New Greenhouse at MPE!

Mrs. Moore’s 1st grade class is doing the UNLESS Contest through the Philadelphia Zoo. The UNLESS Contest allows students to work together, with the Zoo, to address major conservation issues affecting endangered wildlife. The contest inspires students to take action and come up with a project that makes an impact and promotes change in the community. Their class project focuses on reducing landfill waste and saving the Panamanian Golden Frog. As part of the project, students collected about 4,000 disposable bottles from the school, their families, and the community. They then used those bottles to construct a 6 ft x 6 ft greenhouse at the school. The bottles are strung onto bamboo poles, then attached to a wooden frame. It sits over an existing garden bed which the school uses to grow vegetables, eaten by the students in the cafeteria. Mrs. Moore’s students also planted Maple trees to give away for free on Earth Day. 


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