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Daily Announcements

Good Morning P.S. duPont

Today is Wednesday, May 22nd  and today is A1


Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance


I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Please remain standing for a moment of silence.




Thank you, you may be seated.




Reminder, tickets for the 8th Grade Formal go on sale this Friday, May 24th during the lunch block. They are $20. Please see Mrs. Stansbury with any questions or concerns.


This is a reminder that students must always have a pass to be in the hallway during class time.  Blue passes are only areas that are close to your classroom and may not be used to travel from floor to floor or to opposite ends of the building. Pink passes are for going to places such as lockers, other classrooms, the office and the library. Students, any time you are in the hallway during class time any adult in the building may ask you to see your pass.  Telling that person that your teacher did not give you one is not acceptable. If the adult in your classroom tells you it’s OK to go without a pass you need to insist that they give you one.


Mr .Bell’s choir classes are meeting in the choir room again.


There is no jazz band today due to tonight’s concert.  The past rehearsal will be on May 28th, the last rehearsal will be Tuesday before your concert. 


The girls soccer party will be on Thursday after school. Please stop by room 171 before Thursday. Check schoology for details.


Attention staff and students,


A message from student, Jake Randall.

Tomorrow, May 23rd, is National Jeans for Veterans Day! In order to help honor our United States veterans please contribute one dollar to wear jeans.  This donation will be collected by Mrs. Selekman and given to Jeans for Troops to assist veterans and their families as they come home from serving our great country.  You can make your contribution to this organization through next Thursday.  Thank you!


The following students need to report to Mrs. Fitzhugh’s room (207):

Sophia Bernal

Frank Honisch

Catalina Adler

Lydian Fowler



The following students need to report to Mr. Fitzhugh’s Room at this time.

Aidan Akbar

Fatmata Conteh

Sam Fogbawah

Opalina Paudyal

Theo Segletes

Zakia Zara

Timmy Scott



Permission slips for the Guppy Gulch Trip are due by May 31st, please turn in slips to your academic support teacher or case manager for all Academic Support classes. If you need another permission slip, please see your case manager.


Mrs Mobley, Mrs Mullikin and Ms John congratulateall 15 participants in last Friday's Inaugural PS DuPont Poetry SLAM!!


Brazil Munroe was awarded 1st place,  and Quiajha Whalen 2nd place honors,  while Shanna Louis, Brooklyn Jackson, Niajean Dollard, Caleb Munroe, and Samyiah Britt also achieved honorable mentions for their spoken word and poetry.


We are no longer checking out library books this year.  Thank you to everyone who has returned their books!   If you haven't returned your book now is the time to do it:)


What are you looking forward to reading this summer?

All poetry slam award winners, please see Mrs. Mullikin to pick up your prizes:)

As we continue concert season everyone is reminded that the 7th and 8th grade choirs will be presenting their spring concert 7:00PM.  As always, we love to see students come support their friend but please be accompanied by an adult if you choose to come to the concerts.  Student performers are to report at 6:30PM.


Will the following students please report to Dr. Acker in room 244 at THE END of homeroom today;

Jalea Price

Andrew Jerista

Rebekah Cheong

Brooklyn Jackson

Cylia Morlet

Martha Zenda

Augustus Clarke

Jonas Wahl

Lydia Fowler



Remember that we are all P.S. Panthers. P.S. Panthers are always responsible, respectful and engaged.