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Daily Announcements


Springer Middle School

 Daily Announcements


 Today is a A3 Day – Periods 3, 4, 1, 2

 Lunch will be over period 1



 Please remember to check for weather updates, times and locations for all Springer Sporting events


 Please remind your child/children they are to place their Absence and or Early Dismissal Notes in the main office bin on the counter when they arrive.

No hall passes will be issued during the first and last 10 minutes of class. Students are not permitted in the office area without a pass from a teacher.

 No food or drinks are permitted in the building with the exception of water. Also, backpacks are not permitted in the classroom. Cinch sacks may ONLY be used if students are going to and from gym. No outside jackets are to be worn during the school day.

All students must wait outside in the morning until 7:50am

 If you are a student who wants to support your classmates in sports after school, you MUST leave the school grounds and return with a parent/responsible adult who will supervise you while you are on school grounds. Students may not be the hallways after school without the supervision of THAT adult, no matter what the circumstances. If you are in violation of this rule, you will be asked to leave the event and will not be allowed back for future games/matches.


 Any student who owes $10 or more on their lunch account will be given a cheese sandwich, milk and fruit until the balance is paid.

 Dress Code

 Please remember to check yourself before coming to school to make sure that you are in dress code. Parents will be called to provide a change of clothes for students who are not compliant and consequences may be issued.

Electronic Devices and Cellphones – The school needs to be free of behavior that interferes with the general educational process.  The use of cellular phones, cameras, or electronic devices are prohibited during the school day.  Before entering the building, these items are to be turned off and ear buds must be removed and put away.  If they are visible, they may be confiscated.  If a staff member sees an electronic device out during the school day, it will be confiscated and the student may pick it up in the main office at the end of the day.  If the student is caught a second time the item must be picked up by a parent and the Code of Student Conduct will be enforced.  Springer Middle School is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices including cell phones.  If it is your second time or more, please call your parent from the main office to inform them to pick up your phone and the proper arrangements can be made.

 Front Office

 All students must use guidance door for guidance, Royster, Scanlan & Spada not the main office or door by the mailboxes (entering/leaving)

 Lost & Found – Glasses are located in the nurse’s office, keys, jewelry and money in the main office, everything else in the cafeteria.


Baseball – no practice TODAY

 Lacrosse – will practice Tuesday, March 26th & Thursday, March 28th

 Soccer (girls) – no practice TODAY

 Softball – no practice TODAY

 Track & Field – no practice TODAY

Tennis – no practice TODAY


4H Club – no updates

Anime Club – will meet Wednesday, April 3rd

 BARK Builders – no updates

 Energy Club – no updates

 GPS Christian Service Club – will be going to Sunrise for Bingo Tuesday, March 26th

Homework Club – will meet Monday, March 25th & Wednesday, March 27th

 Math Help – the last session will be Thursday, March 28th

 National Junior Honor Society – no updates

 Rapid Readers – the last meeting will be Wednesday, March 27th

 Robotics Team – no updates

 Science Olympiad – no updates.

 Swim Club – will meet Wednesday, March 27th


Hershey Park – 8th graders, please remember to turn in your permission form to your social studies teacher by Friday, April 12th for the reduced cost of $65.00. After April 12th, the price of the trip goes up by $10.00.

March Book Madness – March Book Madness has reached the Final Four. Vote for your favorite on the library webpage through Tuesday, March 26.  The contenders: The Lightning Thief, Out of My Mind, A Night Divided and Restart.

Springer Family Association – no updates

 The Young Brandywine Artists’ Exhibit - is being held at the Blue Ball Barn from 6-8 pm.  The exhibit runs through Saturday, March 30th

 Word of the Week – The winner of the Word of the Week is Zeyad Hassan, who correctly defined “mundane.” Please come down to the library to pick up your prize. This week’s new word is up on the wall -- stop by the library to enter!