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Student Schedule Changes & Issues

Any student who has a hole in their schedule should come to the C3 (Room #100) after your grade level assembly and during the period you have the hole so that your Counselor can work with you to fill it. Only students with holes in their schedules will be seen on Tuesday and Wednesday, and students will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis so please be prepared to wait patiently and with kindness for your Counselor. Beginning Thursday and Friday Counselors will be seeing students who meet the criteria outlined in the Student Handbook for schedule changes. Students who do not meet these criteria will not be seen, and schedules will not be changed. The criteria are:

  • Correction of a clerical inputting or computer error (requested Physics and got Photography),
  • Documented physical and/or mental health condition (Doctor/Psychiatrist’s note),
  • Verified and documented incorrect level (Teacher has conferenced with student and parent and written an email to the Counselor what the correct placement should be),
  • Compliance with an IEP or 504 (ED or Special Education case manager has written an email to the Counselor what the correct placement should be),
  • Documented "PFA" or "No Contact Order" from a Court against a staff member or student.

Be clear that changing your mind, wanting to be in class with a friend, wanting to be out of a class with another student, or being scheduled in an alternate does not meet the criteria above :)

Please come to the C3 (room #100) with a pass from the teacher of the period you'd like to change and be prepared to wait kindly and cooperatively for your turn with your Counselor. Note that the final drop date is October 1.