Why are schools closed?

Posted by Dr. Mark Holodick on 1/25/2016

Dear BSD Community,

After spending a large part of my day driving through many parts of our district, and in consultation with key staff who also were out all day driving bus routes and surveying road conditions, I have come to the difficult decision to close schools on Tuesday, January 26.  This is not something I take lightly, as I know it impacts many working families and can create hardships.
Let me be clear; our schools are ready.  Our crews have done a fantastic job of clearing sidewalks, entrances, and parking areas, working tirelessly to get all of our buildings ready to open and safely welcome students and staff.  The problem is that many secondary roads, including streets in many neighborhoods, sections of the City of Wilmington, and areas of Claymont, are simply not safe for the thousands of children who walk or wait at bus stops.  
Even with an additional day to allow some of this snow to melt and/or be cleared, Wednesday may still be a challenge.  Many roads, such as Shipley Road in Brandywine Hundred, are clear but their sidewalks are completely covered.  This is an example of a road that student walkers use to get to and from school.   With the amount of snow we received over the weekend, those sidewalks may be covered for quite a while.  It is imperative that when we reopen schools, parents make plans to help their children get to school safely.  This could include proper footwear and coats, carpools, or even alternate routes (temporarily) that might take a few extra minutes but would ensure safe passage.  
Again, I acknowledge that a snow day can be difficult for working parents.  Please keep in mind that I must make decisions based on what is safest for our most precious customers - our children.
Thank you and please continue to be safe.
Mark A. Holodick, Ed.D.