Welcome back!

Posted by Dr. Mark Holodick on 8/23/2016

Dear BSD Community,

In less than a week, all of our schools will be filled with children and young adults engaged in activities that help them learn, grow, and prosper. It is an enormous responsibility for all of us who work in BSD, but more importantly it is a great privilege. Helping young people become their best selves is why my colleagues and I became educators.

In addition to a rigorous curriculum and outstanding instruction, one of the best ways we can ensure student success is through safe and positive learning environments. Through innovative and proactive programs such as No Bully, Responsive Classroom, and Positive Behavior Support, we are working hard to address and support the social and emotional needs of all students. Parents can help us in this work by reinforcing expectations at home. Establishing deadlines, instituting routines, modeling good behavior, and setting goals at home can transfer to students’ maximizing their learning at school. Similarly, ensuring that students have completed their homework, eaten healthy foods, and gotten enough sleep sets them up for success at school and in life.

I hope all of you have had a relaxing summer and have had many opportunities to create memories with family, friends, and loved ones. We look forward to welcoming all of our students back on August 29th and 30th so that we can create new school-year memories with them as well.


Mark A. Holodick, Ed.D.

P.S. In a few days, I will be posting a short video to our website and social media sites. The video contains an important message about where we are and where we need to go with respect to technology and its impacts on the learning environment within all of our schools, PK-12. Technology is an important aspect of our District Success Plan and warrants attention, discussion, and input from all stakeholders. Indeed technology is a rapidly changing environment. Navigating it successfully to best benefit our students requires dialogue and collaboration with everyone. I hope you will watch the video when it is posted, and I look forward to further discussions on this topic.